Advertiser benefits

Digital Display Advertising Benefits

Meet Your Advertising Objectives

Convert sales, increase leads and influence buying decisions with compelling graphic and video ads on high definition monitors that stand out against the background of their environment. We can use your existing ad creative or design custom graphics and videos to elevate your campaign.

Engage a High Quality Audience with High Volume Impressions

Digital advertising on our high definition screens grabs the attention of the thousands of customers that frequent their local shopping destinations. Any given day, your ad may be seen by as many as 7,200 prospective customers in a single location.

Flexibility to Customize and Update As Needed

Unlike traditional ads it’s easy to make changes when you need to adjust your creative content. When a product sells-through, a promotion ends, or you need to update a price, the change can be made and live within 24 hours.

Smart Use of Marketing Dollars

A very affordable advertising option, ad placement via our network is as low as $25 per month per display location. This monthly fee includes deployment and 10 updates.
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Get Your Message Out to Millions

Digital display advertising is an efficient and impactful way to broadcast your message and call to action in high traffic locations.

Advertise in Your Community

Our advertising network can be targeted very specifically to the area where you want your ads deployed. Dial your placements even down to the street location for geographic targeting.

Associate with Popular National Brands

Your ad content is shown in rotation with highly recognizable beverage, food and service industry brands. Receive credibility for being part of network of respected advertisers.

No Ads? No Problem!

The Smartcast Media creative team is here to provide design services and creative support for your campaigns. We will design a custom graphic or five second animated ad for $49 each.