ATM Topper with SmartCast Media Ad Screen installed

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Smart ATM Toppers

Smart ATM Toppers are a cost-effective way to maximize your profits. Our high definition video display and content management system provide the ultimate solution to attract and hold the attention of shoppers, resulting in additional merchandise purchases and increased transactions. Incremental revenue earned from adding a smart topper will reimburse the cost of it quickly.

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What is it?

The Complete Solution

We provide everything you need. Technically speaking, a high definition digital screen, mounting hardware and media network device to deliver content to your display are included with our Smart ATM Topper packages. Your license to our content management system provides access and rights to a library of engaging apps, clips and images. You will have our full support with training and ongoing assistance to make your Smart ATM Topper business pay off.

Smartcast Media Smart ATM Toppers are compatible with all major ATM brands

Easy to use

Content Management

The Smartcast Media content management system is the vehicle that delivers visual content to the digital display. Your existing custom ads and those our creative team develops for you can be easily incorporated into your content playlist. There is also a library of graphics and videos from which you can choose ads and informational and entertainment options.

Our team will help you develop the perfect three minute playlist to bolster sales, or you may choose to manage your playlists using the content management customer dashboard. Either way, the results will bring exciting and engaging content that will play up to 480 times a day for a monthly fee of $59.00.


Advertising Sales Revenue

There are numerous ad spots in each three minute content loop, 36 to be exact! Use these to your benefit by creating an advertising revenue opportunity. Offer other businesses the chance to advertise alongside your ads on your display. It’s an easy way to increase your earnings.

Additionally, your Smart ATM Topper is also part of the Smartcast Media Advertising Network, which makes it available for Smartcast Media advertisers across the U.S. If your display is selected as an advertising campaign location, you receive additional advertising revenue as a network partner.

Check out our quick video on how easy you can maximize revenue through Advertising.

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Setup and Installation

We provide the components needed to operate your Smart ATM Topper, including the topper screen, mounting brackets that secure it to your ATM without damage and the hardware for content management. You will need electrical power, WIFI and a subscription to our content management system, which includes the network that deploys graphic and video files to your device and provides access to a library of engaging apps, clips and images for your use. Training and ongoing assistance and support will be provided by our team.

Installation is easy, tool-free and secure. It only takes 25 minutes for your display to be fully functional. Check out our Smart ATM Topper Installation video for instructions.


Warranty and Service

Hardware is refundable with 30 days and comes with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Damage from environment or vandalism are not covered under the warranty.

Design Services

The Smartcast Media creative team is here to provide design services and creative support for your Smart ATM Topper campaigns. We will design a custom graphic or five second animation ad for $49 each. Custom video ads are available by estimate.

If you are interested in creating your own ads, you will have access to a variety of templates as a guide. We will also be available for assistance by email and phone.

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