Frequently Asked Questions

Our digital displays are out-of-home advertising tools that combine one or more high definition screens and a media player that works with our content management subscription. Connected to your internet service, the digital display shows static graphics, animations, and/or video media that can be managed remotely.

To increase ATM revenue, a digital display called a Smart ATM Topper is attached to the top of the ATM machine to capture the attention of passersby with content that increases ATM withdrawals. It is an all-inclusive system on chip (SOC) giving merchants the ability to wirelessly send content to their screens. SmartCast Smart ATM Toppers include proprietary hardware that perfectly attaches the topper to the ATM machine.

The Smart ATM Topper is built for advertising products inside of an establishment and also give you the ability to advertise local businesses on the screen. Our content management system deploys content to your screen in a looping playlist. Playlists can consist of static images animated graphics and video content.

The images and information you share through your digital display is digital content. Our content management subscription provides tools to generate a looping playlist of graphics, animations and videos and the technology to deploy the playlist to your digital display. Your owned creative assets can be implemented into the looping playlist, and there are hundreds of available widgets and assets available from the content subscription for your use. As an additional service, we are able to create graphics and animations upon your request.

The Smart ATM Topper will come fully ready to connect to your WIFI or ethernet connected internet. To set up, you will need your remote. Next, call Smartcast Media to finish the setup process of connecting your Smart ATM Topper to the internet. If you have a WIFI password protected network, have the password ready to enter. Our phone number is 1-800-467-3759.

The Smart ATM Topper can be connected via WIFI or ethernet connection. Some wireless providers allow you to use their wireless to connect the Smart ATM Topper. Check with them before using that connection.

You simply need the power cord that is provided with the Smart ATM Topper. If you are connecting via ethernet, have the internet line connected to the Smart ATM Topper.

Smart ATM Toppers function separately from the screen of your ATM machine. If you are interested in ATM screen content design, contact your ATM manufacturer.

Updates for the Smart ATM Topper are immediately sent out to the screen. The strength and speed of the network at your location will determine how fast updates will appear on the screen. It happens as quickly as 5 minutes.

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